The use of outdoor dc power special

Updated By : December 28, 2016 11:10:11 AM JST

Electricity use at ordinary times is very important, outdoor dc power as an important part of electric power system, for some important conventional load, relay protection and automatic device, sports communication devices provide uninterrupted power supply, and provide emergency lighting power supply, dc system grounding won't produce short circuit current, so that we can continue to use, but must be to find the ground in time and to eliminate the ground fault as soon as possible, otherwise when another earthing occurs, it is possible to cause signal device the misunderstanding of power-off protection and automatic device or reject action, may cause short circuit of the dc power supply.

Formed in the outdoor dc power supply, can make the circuit of constant current device, such as dry cell batteries, dc generators, etc, so it can also be referred to as the dc power supply. Dc regulated power supply has been widely used in all walks of life, agricultural areas also have application, for example, the agricultural environment, electrostatic dust removal electrostatic spray pesticides, agricultural material package, electrostatic spraying of the agricultural products processing, electrostatic flocking, agricultural biological electrostatic effect, electrostatic bactericidal, agricultural seeds electrostatic treatment, etc, all of them can be used, so it has a great effect for many places.

And want to make outdoor dc power supply, electric potential difference between the poles to keep constant, must make in the external circuit, flow from the positive to the negative terminal flow of positive charge, from inside the power supply, the particles of the direction of the electric field force, by negative returns to the anode, the process not by electrostatic force, can only rely on a certain context, in the opposite direction from the power of electrostatic force to realize, as a result, power supply is a device that provides the electrostatic force, through the work of the electrostatic force, to the electric energy into potential energy between positive and negative electrodes, allows us to a more normal use outdoor dc power supply.

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