What is the main role of the precision air conditioning

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Precision air conditioning is able to fully meet the requirements of computer room environment condition, computer room dedicated precision air conditioning, it can be said as a constant temperature, and humidity air conditioner,precision air conditioning is gradually developed in recent years a new type of machine, machine room with comfort air conditioning units often appear due to improper temperature humidity parameter control, computer room equipment operation caused by unstable, data transmission interference, static electricity, etc all kinds of problems, and precision air conditioning, there is no such a problem, can let us rest assured use, bring us a better air conditioning use.

Under the comfort air conditioning due to the delivery of traditional air changes little, room cannot ensure there is enough air in the high flow velocity, the dust back to the boiler steam, and deposition inside the engine room equipment, adverse impact on the device itself, and general comfort air conditioning unit filtering performance is poor, cannot meet the requirements of the purification of the computer, and the use of precision air conditioning will meet these requirements, we in the use of the elder brother of air-conditioning, can very at ease of use, bring us a better environment temperature, help us to better meet the use of air conditioning.

In both large and medium-sized computer program-controlled switches, require air conditioning refrigeration run throughout the year, and winter refrigeration operation to solve the problem of stability of condensing pressure and other related, so a lot of data rooms dedicated air-conditioning, widely used in precision air conditioning, air conditioning helps them to complete these, computer room dedicated precision air conditioner in the structure and control, system design and manufacturing, and air conditioning systems, etc, must adopt a series of corresponding measures, so that we can guarantee the life of the air conditioning will increase, and use process also won

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