Three levels of prevention for prostate diseases

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Three levels of prevention for prostate diseases
Three levels of prevention for prostatitis
*Three levels of prevention benefit prostatitis
What are the three levels of prevention for prostatitis

prostatitis back pain relief can affect men of all ages. Evidence for the link between prostatitis and unhealthy habits is strong. Therefore, here are three levels of prevention for prostate diseases.
Primary prevention --- attach great importance to prostatic education
Health education should be promoted among healthy people, and more attention should be paid on male health. Prostate health must always be the focus of our efforts. This is the primary prevention of prostatitis. Though prostatitis is a trick task, it is treatable. The real difficulty is not prostaitis itself but people’s ignorance of this potential threat.

recurrent prostatitis gland is the main adjunct sexual organ, the function of which is to produce prostate fluid and take part in metabolism. Sperm in prostate fluid can help fertilize the egg and lower the level of acidity in the vagina. Prostate is easily infected and prostatitis easily happen to men, particularly to young and middle-aged men. How and why? Prostate of normal physiological development men become busy and produce prostate fluid around the clock to ensure constant supply of sperm. If people have frequent sexes in this period, prostate will overload and wear out, resulting in fatigue and weak immunity.

Ejaculatory duct connects prostate gland and urethra that opens a lot due to frequent sexes and make bacteria easily get into prostate and multiply from the urethra by backward flow of infected urine.

Secondary prevention --- cure prostate diseases as soon as possible.
Once get prostatitis, men should seek medical attention immediately to avoid serious complications.
If a woman has problems getting pregnant, she would rather go to hospital than take so-called health care products. But Men are notoriously bad at seeking medical help, and even more so for sexual problems; consequently, late diagnosis reduces their chances of full recovery. For example, when prostatitis becomes chronic prostatitis, it’s difficult for antibiotics to concentrate prostate, bringing more difficulties.

Tertiary prevention --- maintain the functions of prostate.
If the disease causes organic change in prostate such as an enlarged prostate, it is impossible to cure it and make it normal by medicine alone. But it is possible to make patient urinate normally.
Experts suggest that in addition to positive medical treatments, patients with prostatitis or an enlarged prostate should know and follow common senses of health. Here are some tips.
1.Practice sexual abstinence, and limit sexual partners;
2.Refrain from alcohol and spicy food;
3.Ensure enough water drinking while no urine holding;
4.keep positive attitude and enough sleep.






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