What If The Prostatitis Left Untreated?

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What If The Prostatitis Left Untreated?
Prostate,a small,squishy gland, whic is sized like a walnut and sits unnder the bladder and in front of the rectum.It is not essential for life, but it is important for reproduction.It supplies substances that facilitate fertilization and sperm transit and survival.A healthy prostate works perfectly and normally,so what would happen if the prostate is sick?Can we ignore the sickness of the prostate?Let us read this article togrther and find the answer!
The most common illness of prostate is prostatitis symptoms come and go,the prostatitis is an inflammation with no sign of infection of prostate. It can be divided as three forms according the symptoms.Acute bacterial prostatitis,which is the least common form of prostatitis has the most severe symptoms, patient with acute bacterial prostatitis will have frequent or urgent need to urinate,and they may have the feeling of pain or burning with urination,and sometimes, they may have nausea,chills,fever,vomiting when they urinate.The chronic bacterial prostatitis has the similar symptoms as acute bacterial prostatitis,but its symptoms are less severe than that of acute bacterial prostatitis.Most prostatitis patients have chronic pelvic syndrome,this kind of nonbacterial prostatitis symptoms will lead to the pain of urine and genital of patients.The common treatment of prostatitis means the use of antibiotics,some patients may need pain relievers and fluids. A good diet of life is a key point too.If it is cured it does not influence the normal life of the patients.But if the patient left it untreated, bad conditions will come.
Firstly,left prostatitis untreated will cause chronic seminal vesicle ,sexual dysfunction and infertility,these disease will affect male fertility.
Secondly,left prostatitis untreated will cause posterior urethritis, epididymitis and various types of cystitis, these disease will affect the male urinary system.
More seriously,left prostatitis untreated may be very dangerous and fatal.
We can learn from the article that it is very dangerous for patients to left prostatitis untreated.And the prostatitis can not be cured if the patients ignore it.






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