Prostatitis Should Pay More Attention to the Protection of Prostate in Winter

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Prostatitis Should Pay More Attention to the Protection of Prostate in Winter
Prostate is the biggest sexual gland of male, although it is small and seats at a hidden location, it plays an irreplacable role in male's urology and reproductive system. People with prostatitis have inflammation in the prostate, symptoms may come again if sufferers do not protect the prostate well, especially in the winter.
Clinical studies have found that cold and prostatitis symptoms come and go attacks have some relevance. Research of Hedelin shows that The incidence of prostatitis and the degree of symptoms was positively correlated to cold and cold is an important risk factor for the onset of prostatitis. Idaho State University reported that cold and dry climate will increase the incidence of prostate cancer. Pathology study found cold climate will stimulate sympathetic nerve in the prostate and expanse blood tube and gland tube in the prostate. So, what can prostatitis sufferers do to protect the prostate in the winter?
Protection measures are mainly reflected in daily lives. Keep in warm is the first and essential step to do, this step can prevent other illness attracting the human body to keep the prostate immune system working normally. Do not hold urine is the second measure can be taken, hold urine will cause prostate over-swell. Refuse alcohol and spicy food is another step patients should take, cycling and sedentary are not allowed too.
Measures mentioned above are only helpful in preventing symptoms getting worse but cure prostatitis, to get rid of prostatitis, patients can choose to take nonbacterial prostatitis symptoms for treatment, this pill belongs to Chinese medicine and will not produce drug resistance even after a longtime therapy.

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