Is it normal for men in their 20s to have prostatitis?

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Is it normal for men in their 20s to have prostatitis?

best treatment for prostatitis is a male genital system disease. It is common in our daily life. The incidence rate of this disease is relatively high.

With the rapid development of our society, the prevalence of prostatitis tends to be younger because of more pressure. But it抯 still too early for men in their 20s to have chronic nonbacterial prostatitis treatment. We need go to professional hospital for examination and treatment in time. Here are some tips to relieve.

  1. Do sports. Don't often be sedentary, because sitting leads to poor blood circulation and metabolite accumulation, causing blockage of the prostate. We should often exercise to enhance resistance. We can choose to jog or run for half an hour every day to effectively enhance physique.
  2. Keep a balance diet. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Do not eat spicy food, fried greasy food, or seafood which may easily aggravate the disease. Drink enough water, because drinking plenty of water can help our body to detoxify. Do not drink
  3. Control sex rationally. Too much sex will put the prostate in the state of hyperemia, causing inflammation. But too little sex can lead to long period of automatic excitatory, causing passive hyperemia and chronic prostatitis.
  4. Clean the prostate area. The prostate site is easy to be dirty, so we should wash frequently to avoid bacterial infection, especially the scrotal part and the foreskin.

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