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Coolers to louboutin pas cher keep you chillin' Coolers are much more than just insulated boxes.They run the gamut in terms of capabilities and usessome are lightweight shoulder bags for day trips, some are 25gallon behemoths meant to keep contents chilled for weeklong wilderness adventures.Some come with wheels, drink holders, multiple compartments or even full silverware sets.No matter what extra features coolers offer, they all serve the critical purpose of keeping your edibles edible. Most coolers have plastic inner and outer casings with a layer of hard foam sandwiched in between to act as the insulator.In the early days, coolers were constructed entirely out of styrofoam, but soon after, the plastic casings were added in order to make them last longer and create a tightersealing lid.By preventing the escape of cold air and the infiltration of hot air, coolers are able to maintain their interior temperature and keep contents chilled(Or frozen, depending on how much ice you use. )Keep in mind, a good cooler doesn't merely keep your beer coldit keeps your body free from foodborn illness by preventing food from spoiling. In need of a heavyduty roadready cooler the 75quart durachill from rubbermaid could be just what you're looking for.With its 130can capacity, this is the granddaddy of vacation coolers.It's boasts extra thick insulation to keep ice frozen for up to six days and it also has rugged wheels that maneuver easily over multiple terrains.To keep cold from escaping, the lid is split so that one section opens independently from the other. I tested this sucker along with my company softball team at a daylong tournament, meaning it had to withstand hours in the summer heat.Fully loaded with four bags of ice, the massive cooler kept each bottle of water and can of soda chilled and refreshing.One of the perks of having a big cooler is plenty of surface space, and the six drink holders in the lid definitely came in handy.The stain and odorresistant liner was also a cinch to cleanthe dirt and grass wiped right off.At 40 quarts, the unit is on the on the larger side but also comes with an extension handle and wheels, so you don't have to be a weight lifter just to move it.While the capacity makes it an ideal camping companion, this cooler could also be used for a trip to the park or beach for as many as eight peopleit comes with several large exterior pockets where you can pack your towel, book or even foodstuffs you don't need to keep cold. This cooler also does the job it's supposed to dokeeping stuff cold.After a weekend getaway in a state park, the ice i'd put in on escarpins louboutins pas cher friday was still 50 percent frozen on sunday.The reinforced bottom withstood the weight of four bags of ice, frozen burgers and dogs, as well as a mini beer keg.Cleanup was easy too15 minutes of upsidedowntime was more than enough to make the unit ready for storage.But when it comes time to fit in all your gear and a cooler, either someone else has to drive or you're all going to have to leave some gear behind.Not with a cooler that smushes itself into a flat disc like the abo gear collapsible cooler.Not only does it pack into a tiny space, but when you finally open it up at the campsite, it holds 72 cans. This cooler is water resistant and has two sturdy nylon handles so even when it's full, you can move it around easily.At night, zip the top up to keep everything cold, and during the day you can unzip the circular top flap and leave it open for easygrab beverages.Plus, the double wall pvc lining helps insulate as well as keep ice melt from leaking through.The dakine duffel cooler comes with two cooling compartments, both of which have removable pliable pvc lining for easy washing.I found the twocompartment system perfect:In one side, i put ice and drinks, and on the other side, i put snacks and food. This duffel cooler is perfect for carrying drinks and food for you and a lady friend, or for bringing enough sustenance to get you through, say, lbtinpaser an allday softball tournament.In addition to the food and drink compartments, there are plenty of little pouches and pockets to store nonfood itemsand you even get a pair of beer cozies.Bonus!Jason carpenter, men's editorfeast(And drinks)For four This is not your classic, dainty little wicker picnic basket.In fact, it's quite the opposite, and if you didn't know any better, you'd think the quattro 4 person picnic set was a gym or travel duffel bag.Even though the company calls this a fourperson picnic set, i would refer to it as an eating set because it's just as good for bringing to a cookout as it is for transporting light snacks to the park.In fact, if this bag could talk, it would scoff at the idea of simply carrying around sandwiches. I was impressed with just how much stuff came with this set.Not only were there ceramic plates and the requisite silverware, but this duffel has a cutting board, genuinely sharp knives, salt and pepper shakers, real cotton napkins and plastic wine glasseswine glasses!Plus, you've got compartments to fit wine(Or beer)Bottles and a large, insulated food compartment that's good for hot or cold foods.

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