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Step into listmint louboutin world The sole of your shoe takes the most hits while you are wearing it.So who knew that the sole of your shoe could say so much?It seems pretty weird that something at the bottom of the shoe could make such michael kors outlet a statement.But today, you can tell the status of a woman by the sole of her shoes. Christian louboutin, who started designing shoes and handbags in france in 1991, came upon the red sole idea kind of by mistake.While he is one of the pioneers credited for bringing back the high stiletto heel is the 1990s and the 2000s, he wanted to do something different.He felt that his shoes lacked a unique style or statement.He needed something to set him a part.As an experiment, he decided to paint the soles with red nail polish.Besides the red soles, the designer is also known for heels that measure 4.72 inches or higher.He has a few lower heels and wedges, but the stilettos are his signature.Not only does he garnish his shoes with a red sole, but he also likes to add small decorative touches like ribbons and bows, feathers, and patent leather.There are many imitators that carry the red sole, but there can only be one christian louboutin.The french designer has been around many years and will be around for many more.If you are a shoe maven, then you may want to save up for at least one pair of red soles.Not sure where this is posted, but it reads, woman should have a pair of red bottoms.You can find a few pair for less or on sale online, but really check out the site first.If you see a pair of loubies for $75, then likely they are not real.Don buy the fake;Just get a pair of really nice nine west or bebe heels.Never settle for the fake, just buy an original shoe that is just as nice and more in your price range.However, save your money and strive to get those red soles.

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