Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

Updated By : January 22, 2009 11:45:41 AM JST

This plays 1080p without the use of blu ray.  Awesome!  finally something nice to show on my big screen tv without paying $$$ for bluray discs and players. 


I got one, and it's FANTASTIC! I've been looking for something like this for years, and finally it exists and it's only $100 bucks. Wow, I can't get over how great it is - it plays everything. And it's small, simple - no internal drive to break (and make it larger and more complex). Just plug a USB drive (up to 2) into it and it reads and plays every avi file right off of it - great! HDMI connection, digital audio output, and regular component outputs too. Just perfect, assuming it's not a piece of crap that's gonna break after a week. My last WD external drive crapped out on me .. so I'm not too keen on Western Digital, though this has no hard drive in it to break, which I like. Some people will complain that there's no internal drive, but that's not the point and totally defeats the purpose. It's understood that you already have a USB drive (even a thumb drive works great) on which you have video files stored. Just plug it in and there are great intuitive menus that let you play them directly from either of the 2 usb drives that you can connect to this thing (at once!).


Let the download begin!!!  Cool

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