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Hublot MP-02 time key



fashion Hublot Mp 02 Key of Time watches replica.Hublot MP-02 era of the key is designed by Mathias Buttet, and BNB Concept still exists. Since then, it has been called La Clef du Temps, but after Hublot acquired the BNB, the watch was redesigned and presented on the 2011 Baselword. This watch is quite prestigious and looks like a pillar of science fiction movies.


This is the case of DLC coated titanium and wide on the wrist. But the integrated rubber strap is well bent, so even on the little wrist is also good.


When this is the first presentation of the BNB, it is a horrible rope bracelet. Now looks better, in a carved case, vents and ridge, such as superhero suits. The color scheme reminds me of high-tech civic satellite communications. it is from the Hublot rather than some avant-garde independent watchmaker, it is easy to get time to the key, but it is interesting. Mathias Buttet is an outstanding watchmaker, he is also the founder of Hublot Antikythera watch, so this is not surprising.


The crown on the left side of the case allows the user to speed up or slow down the time shown on the watch; the crown on the right and set the watch. In addition, the key to time is the vertical tourbillon is BNB trademark complications. The watch can be run at normal times, or four times faster (one hour in the watch for four hours) or four times slower (15 minutes for one hour). The red tube seems to indicate the speed of the hand; in the picture it runs four times faster. This is achieved through ingenious equipment; the tourbillon continues to turn around every minute.



It is important that the watch remembers the real time, so when the crown returns to the normal time position, the hand moves to show the actual time. In the Hermes Arceau Temps Le Suspendu can do the same - the hands of the pause time, then you can press the button to jump to the correct time. But Hermes lacks fast and slow time to price replica watches




Hubot MP-02 main viewing time


The new Hublot watch - the key of the MP-02 era may be reinforced by Hublot's team of employees in 2010, with 30 highest-level workforce, dedicated to creating complications watches and prominent sports, according to the field of mechanical engineering Latest results. The wearer can adjust the crown by three different positions on their own needs anytime, anywhere to adjust one minute per hour.



If you have the ability to control the time in accordance with the mechanism of the watch according to your own wishes, can you control your own time? This copy of the Yu-ship watch watch MP-02 time key allows you to according to their own wishes through three different positions of the crown to adjust the hourly pass every RICHARD MILLE RM 052 SKULL replica watches


Location 1: If you want to experience unlimited pass per second: you can slow down the speed of the pointer and divide the time into four, so the usual hour will be displayed as a quarter of the time at this MP-02 time.



Location 2: If you want to have a "real" time: you can choose the normal pointer speed, the usual hour will be displayed on this MP-02 time key for an hour.

Location 3: If you want to speed up time: you can quickly set your pointer, the time will be four times faster, the usual quarter will be displayed in this MP-02 time button for an hour.Breitling Professional Exospace B55 replica watch

So, with the key to the timetable, the wearer can extend the happy time four times, shortening the time four times while keeping the time back to normal. Three different indicators are arranged in a star, showing the current time speed, to avoid any confusion. You can definitely place this complication watch on position 1 or 3, and then simply adjust it to position 2, and you will see the pointer again adjusted to the normal time indication. To achieve this functionality, the "machine memory" device is required. In addition to this unique and complex feature, the MP-02 era key also has a rotating tourbillon frame, as well as in the flange equipped with second-hand indicator.


Watch details:
Reference number: 902.ND.1190.RX
Movement: HUB9002, manual winding movement
Case: Black DLC coated micro-sprayed titanium
Dial: multi-part black with green transmission
Power reserve: 100 hours, about 4 days
Strap: Black natural rubber
Clasp: Micro black black ceramic and black PVD stainless steel deployment buckle
Pointer: polished black nickel with green SuperLuminova
Size: 40.20 x 40.10 mm diameter, 9.30 mm thickness



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