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This lens,but to restore the original color change of clear

irenezhang 10/21/16 11:16 AM

O To electrochromic lenses that are used in car windows,sunglasses,visual display assembly (visual display unit) to the basic composition is a halogen material.Japanese researchers,this is,in the lens of the halogen-free environment this new ecosystem (chlorine,bromine,iodine) to destroy the composition of the material (ecoglass),have developed a sense of recycling lens of light energy,In the latest issue of "Chemical Communications" of this research it has been published.Photographic film,such as,as in the sensitive lenses to light,now,silver and halogen-containing compounds in the lens,such as silver iodide,since the dark.To provide some electronic halide ions including enough energy to perform the movement,ultraviolet radiation of the sun,combined with the silver ions to these electron neutral atoms will be metallic silver.After they were gathered to become a small particle,a silver atom,the light is scattered off the left lens becomes darker.However,this method,while it is necessary to make others can be restored through a single heating step,a transparent UV after several sunglasses are reversible away to recover within a few minutes.In each response of the process,the electronic because to again generate a metal cluster in silver ions from the silver atoms.Generating a halogen and carbon-based molecules of the toxic and carcinogenic compounds were added silver ions in the form of silver nitrate,in order to replace the halogen,Industrial Technology Research Institute of Osaka vector (AIST) 泽哲 husband (Yazawa Tetsuo) complete mixing of the standard lens material his colleagues will react with.It is heated at 500 ℃ 15 minutes,the silver nitrate lenses made transparent for UV light when clear was resumed as a yellow lens,changes to yellow.This lens,but to restore the original color change of clear yellow,it can be repeated a number of times.In part of the application side,the broader spectrum,the current researchers,not been able to develop between,to the other colors of the lens still result of all of pale ultraviolet laser irradiation is through after a few minutes ,it is required than the natural light by the rather.However,this new material is halogen is unnecessary,shows a significant change in the process.And this study,the development of this new material,pointed out that can help to more high tech applications "optical memory" device (laser can be "printed" on the optical memory element to repeat the information via) Island did.10 network language Of network vocabulary from "light"."Light" is used to describe bright spot,humor,what people sent shock,and the like.Sunglasses that block the light,bright things,someone is content,when you publish the contents too great,but sunglasses you can not resist them highlights,the degree of fragmentation even,everyone I shouted: broken my sunglasses!<br/><a href="" title="Wholesale Pendants">Wholesale Pendants</a> <br/><a href="" title="Fulton">Michael Kors Fulton</a> <br/><a href="" title="Nike Air Zoom Flight">Nike Air Zoom Flight</a> <br/><a href="" title="Micro Mini">Micro Mini</a> <br/><a href="" title="Apple iPad Mini 4">Apple iPad Mini 4</a> <br/><a href="" title="Soccer Shin Guards">Soccer Shin Guards</a>

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