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Snow,water,glass,It is a white sand is a good reflective surface

irenezhang 10/21/16 11:33 AM

For example,yellow light,to see how is the direct target of the frequency of the yellow light,another method may be to absorb light,the green portion of the light mixed after the blue portion and two spectra it refers anti ?? red light eyes were perceived as yellow light.Speaking of sunglasses associated with the light,the following three types of light are important.Direct light - (the sun,etc.),direct light directly hits your eye of light from the light source.Also a lot of direct light,will now appear the details blur surrounding environment,also to concentrate that it is difficult attention too.Reflection of light - glare of reflected light,in many cases,has a form-based.The reflected light of the reflected light back it will be reflected from the object to the eye.As with direct light,strong reflected light,will be that it is difficult details to appear in perception or object.Snow,water,glass,It is a white sand is a good reflective surface.Diffused light - After repelling the scattered light is directed in multiple directions,so diffusing light,the light does not seem to this particular source such.A typical example is the diffused light shine on top of the city.We are,it is difficult to determine a single source.In the absence of direct light,we can see something,which is a credit for diffusing light.Quality sunglasses,as people feel comfortable,the other (depending on the reflecting surface),it is possible to eliminate or reduce the reflected light,reduce the direct light,and can be eliminated UV spectra.An interesting feature is the polarization of the light.When the light is reflected from a particular surface,such as water,light is polarized.Polarization characteristics of the reflected light,polarized sunglasses,of the light-reflecting surface,can remove the reflections from such water.Staining lensSunglass lenses colored lens determines it is possible to absorb some of the light in the spectrum.The manufacturer uses different colors to produce a certain efficiencySunglassesSunglassesFruit.1,gray,while reducing the distortion of minimal color,good general color is brightness.Gray lens is driven and is ideal for general use,it will provide glare protection.While other frequencies to allow more light through the lens,2,golden and blue of the lens can be reduced.Blue light,it is possible to bounce a lot of dispersion can be obtained glare effect called blue haze.All objects,as will be bright and vivid display,in fact,the yellow is given,will be able to eliminate the blue portion of the spectrum.Anti-snow blindness generally,the reason for the yellow sunglasses is for this.Such colors,in order to identify a person in need of color perception accurate color activities,less such distortion not suitable for colored sunglasses will way.<br/><a href="">Yeezy Boost 350 For Sale</a> <br/><a href="">snapback hats</a> <br/><a href="">Jordan11</a> <br/><a href="">Yeezy 350 Boost Sale</a> <br/><a href="" title="Kids Jordan Shoes">Kids Jordan Shoes</a> <br/><a href="">Jewelry</a> <br/><a href="">nikeairmax 90/95 black</a> <br/><a href="">Monster Energy Snapback Hats For Sale</a> <br/><a href="" title="Femme Nike Air Max 90">Femme Nike Air Max 90</a> <br/><a href="">nike air max 2016 women</a> <br/><a href="" title="Sutton">Michael Kors Sutton</a> <br/><a href="">Nike Air Max</a> <br/><a href="">Cheap Air Jordans</a> <br/><a href="">Jordan11</a> <br/><a href="">Oakley Outlet</a> <br/><a href="">Michael Kors Clearance</a> <br/><a href="">iphone 7s case wallet style</a> <br/><a href="">Nike Free Run</a> <br/><a href="">Nike Air Max Online Shoes</a> <br/><a href="">Air Max 90 Femme Pas Cher</a> <br/><a href="">air jordan 11 retro pas cher</a> <br/><a href="">Nike Free Run Femme</a> <br/><a href="">Air Max</a> <br/><a href="">Yeezy Boost 350 Kanye West Gray</a> <br/><a href="">Chaussures New Balance 574 Femme</a> <br/><a href="">Yeezy 350 Boost Sale</a> <br/><a href="">Casquette New Era</a> <br/><a href="">Monster Energy Snapback Hats For Sale</a>

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