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Czech national team contest

francismake 10/24/16 3:58 PM

According to the newest media reports, lay Milano can send 2 scouts to go to the 26-year-old German international Hector. The second spherical of the planet Cup qualifiers in Europe, the German national team are going to be sits reception against the Czech national team.In recent seasons, lay Milano introduced from the Bundesliga, Shachri and Perisic. From this state of affairs, the Cologne defender Hector became a possible goal of the Nerazzurri one.

It is reported that lay have sent 2 scouts, they're able to watch the German national team and therefore the Czech national team contest, and concern Hector, Weigl and goop Meyer performance. However, they target the goal is Hector.As antecedently reported , the international Milano square measure able to strengthen the team's defensive strength, Hector's ability will play smart back 3 or four defender plan of action system.

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