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Every item has value in FIFA Cellular

francismake 10/29/16 5:20 PM

What is Strike Mode?Attack mode is an interesting new activity mode in FIFA Cellular. It is an asynchronous mode that sets your team against other user teams in a turn-based match. You take changes trying to ranking as many goals as possible in each 50 percent, with the on-pitch activity targeted on Fighting. Every objective you ranking generates you lovers, and the more lovers you earn, the higher up the roles you go up. Well have more details to discuss in the arriving several weeks.

What are Leagues?Leagues are our public environment. You can form your own league with your friends, or be enrolled into an active league. Once in a league, you can perform against each other in friendlies and inter-league competitions, finish supportive success, gift each other features, and then eventually contend as an organization vs other Groups to become the best in the world! We think this is a great way to perform with buddies, meet other gamers and improve your abilities. Well have more details to discuss in the arriving several weeks.

What are Plans?In FIFA Cellular, every item has value. All products can now go into Programs, which when completed, compensate you with various products and awards. Each strategy has its own requirements to finish. Well have more on Programs in the arriving several weeks.

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