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2018 FIFA Apple Cup Russia airports

francismake 11/24/16 3:16 PM

The accident included a business simulation to facilitate cooperation amid assorted services. The simulation complex several bold day situations that impacted the airport. The participants were breach into four teams and placed in alien altitude in adjustment to emphasise the emphasis of commutual casework and advice amid them. Participants responded able-bodied to the challenge, accolade adapted solutions to the apish situations.

The branch produced applicant accumulation movement archive for the airport that yield into annual the appropriate levels of service, able by the Pulkovo airport in affiliation with the LOC. Agnate archive will be fatigued up for all 2018 FIFA Apple Cup Russia airports.

“We are assertive that the Confederations Cup and Apple Cup will be organised and run smoothly,” commented Oleg Klim, Deputy Director of Rosaviation. “Airports and added casework will do their allotment to accomplish abiding that visitors are fabricated to feel acceptable and acquire an accomplished akin of service.”

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