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The practice of sniping has taken place in the NBA 2K auction house for years

wenyue 12/10/16 12:19 PM

The practice of sniping has taken place in the NBA 2K auction house for years, and it essentially involves buying high-value cards as soon as they’re posted for low prices and then selling them back to others for a greater amount of MT currency. However, that same auction house has also been leveraged by profiteers selling MT in large amounts for a fee. Those looking to exploit the system set up dummy auctions to transfer funds. MT can also be distributed through large wagers on MyTeam games. The current thought is that 2K Sports is trying to crack down on MT manipulation of any kind because the currency obviously isn’t supposed to work that way. The publisher specifically sells VC through certified retailers that it has control over. While these bans may effectively disrupt common and shady MyTeam practice, they’re assumingly done to preserve that existing business model. Of course, without official details from 2K, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on. While the above theory seems solid, glitches might be in play too.

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