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Lens Color also gradation,mirror,polaritons rise de lens

irenezhang 12/23/16 11:04 AM

Design inspiration of San Buddies,the fashionNot only from the trend of tion industry,art,music,and are drawn from pop culture,and has produced each generation of culture and eyewear that matches the color ring.Young and old all the peopleBut you enjoy wearing.Simple but to pay attention to the height of designAll frame Commitment to handmade made of Sweden,the lens using the Carl Zeiss Vision.In this pop-up shop,in Japan still it has not been much introduced the 2015 spring and summer collectionAlmost a valuable opportunity for full collection are aligned of tion.Natural walnut and using the new eyewear is releasedChange without distorting the style of the strict and sophisticated universal "GIORGIO ARMANI (Giorgio Armani)",from soft Revolution ── Giorgio Armani eyewear,naturalNew sunglasses and optical frames using walnut will be released.Eyewear that is felt delicacy of Armani uniqueGiorgio Armani eyewear of new work,wooden eyewear with the perfect form.Using the Canaletto walnut,eyewear is dressed with craftsmanship,the eye clean conic frontWe have created a shape.Specially designed wood? Chip end to appeal to sophisticated,from the lightweight gold temple hand-carved decoration,such as the coin of the edge,and GiorgiDelicacy Oh Armani unique is I feel.Original details such as the delicate and sophisticated shape,rim? Lens and gold trim,strike a modern and luxurious collection that potentially nextIn addition new round type optical frame,thickness front and of 2.6 mm,such as titanium hinge that has been specially designed with no screws,success in weight reduction of up to a frame to 15 grams.And flexibilityWe have to balance the lightness.While technology and design is a perfect combination,to vaguely drifting retro feel,we feel the possibility of further Giorgio Armani.Very,collection to symbolize the brandTion and would say.You can make the original sunglasses "Ray-Ban REMIX"Sunglasses customization service "Ray-Ban REMIX" is to start in early July at the official EC site limited.Sunglasses aviator to represent the "Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban)",wayfarer,Select the desired model from among 10 different clubs Master (Asian fitting can be selected),it is possible to completely customize Tenpurukara,lenses,a combination of such a frame.Of course,their own,perfect for giftsAfter selecting a model which serves as a base from among the 10 types,then select a frame color,and select the Temple color combination.Lens Color also gradation,mirror,polaritons rise de lensIt is possible to choose from.It is also is attractive to arrive in two weeks from order.In "Ray-Ban REMIX",can be lettering on both sides and the case of the temple,people of the name that you want to yourself or gifts or,favorite sayingOriginality is further enhanced by engraved such as leaves.Alphabet with 10 letters to Temple (Japanese 6 characters),can be placed up to two lines of 18 characters (Japanese 9 characters) to the case.Roman,Japanese,Katakana,Kanji,from the type of favorite characters,such as numbers ChoWe are also glad to be able to chair.Style from the 10 types,you can choose color 114 has color,price 2 (rates by customizations different) from yen customization service "Ray-Ban REMIX" called.ThisLet's make original sunglasses of your own you want to enjoy over the summer."Round" collection of Ray-Ban to lead the trend of this summerSquare type of sunglasses is tightened another closet,this year's spring and summer season decide in Round Style - "round" collection of Ray-Ban to lead the eyewear trend.<br/><a href="" title="Men's Watches">Men's Watches</a> <br/><a href="" title="Blake">Michael Kors Blake</a> <br/><a href="" title="Shox Monster">Shox Monster</a> <br/><a href="" title="Hole Punch Pliers">Hole Punch Pliers</a> <br/><a href="" title="Apple iPhone 3G / 3GS">Apple iPhone 3G / 3GS</a> <br/><a href="" title="Green Bay Packers">Green Bay Packers</a>
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