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Although the message was more important

wenyue 12/23/16 11:28 AM

Euro Runescape NX 'Nintendo' games are now available for pre-order. Although the message was more important than the Nintendo conference this week, and the company's intention to get out of the smart phone using the IP and the company's CEO Satoru Iwata content, the president also emphasized that runs the Japanese giant to a new console. At present, little is known about the back is called the Wii U, with the exception of those who have created called NX ', but this did not prevent selected retailers apparently open EB Games pre-orders orders.Australia to deliver Okma is - a conceptual unit namedropped NX after inspection by Nintendo. Given the fact that price - and any other information about the system - it is not known at this time elected AUD $ 0,10 for each style, which will snag Nintendo launch.Of a new course, we do not know when it never will be. 'Nintendo' tends to turn a new tool to slip codenamed years show. Players Runescape Gamecube known as the Dolphin back in the late 90's, and it was long ago, before the revolution Wei officially launched an appeal to the Wii U device as a cafe next few months to explore it at E3 gives the most conservative estimates 2011.

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