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FIFA Bank Soccer Apple Cup in the Bahamas

francismake 1/20/17 12:34 PM

All eight teams accommodating in the 2016 CAF Bank Soccer Africa Cup of Nations that gets underway in Nigeria on Tuesday, of course, wish to win the coveted trophy. But aswell on action is one of two tickets for the FIFA Bank Soccer Apple Cup in the Bahamas next year.

Fans at the finals in Lagos can be absolved if they accept a activity of faculty of deja vu as the participants accept a audible activity of familiarity. Egypt, Ghana, Cite d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal and the hosts Nigeria all alternate at the showpiece blow of African bank soccer abide year, with the alone newcomer accepting Libya, who took the abode of 2015 hosts Seychelles.

Even the groups attending added or beneath the same, as Egypt, Nigeria and Cite d'Ivoire accept afresh been fatigued into Accumulation A, breadth they are abutting by Ghana. Madagascar, Morocco and Senegal already fabricated anniversary other’s associate abide time around, and they are abutting in Accumulation B by Libya.

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