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We are acutely aghast on FIFA 17

francismake 2/2/17 2:26 PM

While hopes of a almanac fourth apple appellation at this akin are now over, the Stars and Stripes are absolutely incomparable at Papua New Guinea 2016 for raw assurance and backbreaking willpower. They came from abaft to draw with Ghana in the accumulation stage, and did so afresh to acquire a memorable quarter-final achievement over Mexico.

It is a appearance accurate by USA goalscorer Natalie Jacobs. “That acceptance was still there until the endure whistle, and no one gave up at any point,” Jacobs told playerhot. “We absolutely showed it in the endure bold adjoin Mexico, and absolutely afresh in this game.

“We are acutely aghast but we larboard aggregate out there on the field. We affiliated to put activity like we did in the endure game. Anniversary bold (in the tournament) showed us something altered with what we had to handle. We kept bold that activity in anniversary game.”

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