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Mirror boxGenuine mirror box,relatively fine crafted

irenezhang 2/21/17 2:02 PM

Ferrari engine,94.8% of the diffusion sunlight US Navy aviation,to block 97% of the pilot standard cosmic rays of the helicopter,technology,inside and outside of the rack gear alloy as radiation Air Force Research Laboratory of FN high-tech coating,a durable material It was carried out,and driving a car wearing break the simple chopper just in the sky and sea,when you identify the direction,please wear glasses.LensRay-Ban sunglasses,the United States Air Force was established in the 1930s,it has been specially prepared for the high-altitude shelter intense light.So Ray-Ban glasses in order to bring a lot of advantages to you,is a high-quality optical glass manufacturer.Extraordinary UV protection functionVery visual clarityLens color in order to guarantee lasting for years,does not disappear anytime day.Picture frame1,integrated double screw assembly,effectively lens2 in order to ensure that the frame toughness and stability,strict distortion test,3,skin with a mirror arm radian special compassion4,weak arm side of the design,corresponds in the face of outline,you can adjustNose padsVery docile one,nose pad that is tinged with smooth and rounded,Embedded in gooseneck arm care nose pad 2 can perform multi-directional shift,provides a more comfortable support forcePlastic molding1,anti-burning,anti-chemical corrosion function elastic frame Stratford cellulose acetate or nylon having the color will no longer disappear.2,in order to ensure smooth frame shapes,such as cellulose acetate,nylon frame was a grinding step 4 daysMetal partsAs shown in Figure 1,since the main metal connecting part prevents the frame,pieces which are welded after plating,displays the loss of erosion and gloss2,in order to fix the lens wire durable tough and can be adjusted to any lens,integrating.Lens characteristicsIn the history of Ray-Ban '70,consumer protection of the major lens technology,was in position as the industry leader.Ban lens through scientific designed to control glare,100% filtered blue light effectively,and to maintain a good contrast and sharp eyesight,to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from entering.Its optical performance,very accurate,high-quality glasses,and even exceeds the industry standard.Ray-Ban,the glasses quality:Pure optical glass: Glass is a big advantage to the actual transparency,the uniformity and stability.Impact resistance: Ray-Ban glasses in other words,the impact resistance,and beyond the US Food and Drug Administration,subject to heat or chemical treatment.Durability: even if the glass is exposed to sunlight from a few years ago,the color of the lens is particularly stable,because it does not fade or change.3 Google together According to foreign media reports,Google glasses,to give a strong partner,the design will be expected to become more fashionable.Italian eyewear maker LUXOTTICA is,Google glasses of design,development,announced on Monday that it has agreed for the new version of the distribution.LUXOTTICA the Ray-Ban and Oakley is a brand owner sunglasses.Consumers,the device [2] Although uncertainty remains of profits,this is the latest sign of Google glasses glasses industry that shows interest.4 Ray-Ban News 2013 New Year,visiting time television broadcast CCTV,Ray-Ban brand insulating film trailer important distinction in the evening news of Ray-Ban insulating film is officially CCTV-1,CCTV-2 economic information network and the channel of CCTV-4 China news multiple of CCTV period from January to July.This is a car window film industry for the first mass start of CCTV of brand advertising,it is followed in 2006 after the second landing CCTV,it is Le Pen insulating film.5 Identification of common sense I and Ray-Ban real that I do not think a large difference imitations,Italian version: Made in ItalyItalian version: Made in ItalyCase and instructions glasses people,including whether it is difficult to find the difference between genuine imitation,unless you carefully observed if genuine and imitation products together,is like a very imitation.[3]Mirror boxGenuine mirror box,relatively fine crafted,leather is very thick,all of the mirror box all places,in the words that have been made in Romania,which was wrapped in cloth,inside of the box,and artificial plastic,no imitation leather products such as texture,completely flannel package has two layers are not used,the plastic is used to hold the pure hard design,and of the mirror box of the pen holder 1 layer is a part,of rigid plastic that are not wrapped with a cloth.Lens clothYellow cloth only word of imitations of the lens,is a blue RAYBAN,cloth of the lens is a real silver,logo of red RAYBAN,cloth lens cloth lens than the average size of a little short.LensWords in imitation of the lens "RB" anti-counterfeit laser engraved,close to the edge of genuine laser anti-counterfeit lens,a very thin,because it has the logo of white label "RAYBAN",it is,to tell me than you should be almost hard real and imitation if a counterfeit product problem,there is no big difference in the other.ModelThe left frame,Le Penpao designed to fit the width of the face model is "RB 3026" Another "RB 3025".The introduction of the 6 models Ray-Ban sunglasses of Bausch & Lomb,as well as 30 different styles,has generated a steady stream of the introduction of new varieties.These models can be divided into three categories.1,sport sunglassesIn addition to functioning as a sport,sport sunglasses,mainly masculine athlete,physical health,response temperament.2,men's sunglassesIt is a conservative gentleman type represented by the royal image.3,women's sunglassesLady type,of the United States,chic and elegant and expresses the modern woman; it is possible to buy a model in China,the optimal base of green in Asian,please wear the color of the lens.7 manufacturing process 1,abnormal UV protection function,Ray-Ban lens 100% UV protection,we ANSIZ80.3 as 1067 quality certification standards,Europe,fully complies with the Australia EN1836.2,very easy to see,through the precision manufacturing and grinding process,Ray-Ban optical lens bias,wear eye strain,after never cause a headache or fatigue.3,the color of the lens in order to guarantee lasting for years,does not disappear any time day.4.Frame: design Ray-Ban frame Ray-Ban sunglasses,manufacturing philosophy,accurate theoretical lens almost the same,creating a very durable material,always comfortable,please especially wear a caring face type.: Double screw assembly,integrate efficiently lensB: mirror arm radian special compassion of the skin: the frame toughness and after strict twist test to ensure the stability of CD: Weak arm tip design corresponds to the face contour,it can be adjustedIn order to distinguish between the 8 of true and false experience Fast as follows (non-instrument test) is used to distinguish some experience provided between the true and false Leeuwen:First,intaglio B & L Ray-Ban 62 □ 14 following intaglio B & L Ray-Ban USA above most of 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