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Levin fell to the arena for treatment

francismake 3/2/17 10:35 AM

Sweden afresh substitutions, replaced by Ekedal Xiye Maerkeer. Guideti brawl central the belted breadth affronted aback to do, Dulmaz belted foreground low attempt was Loris ancillary agitate confiscated. Terry replaced Guideti. Matuidi larboard basal low attempt was Olsen confiscated. Payer larboard the rib cage, Greitzman bankrupt foreground larboard basal low attempt larboard out!

Tuoyuning canyon through the top of the ball, Terry in Coase Czerny interference, 9 meters in foreground of the semi-volley attempt wide. Kante replaced Geli Ziman, France will beforehand the beforehand to the end.France (4-2-3-1): 1 - Loris / 19 - Sidibe, 4 - Wallane, 21 - Kos Czerny, 3 - Evra / 6 - Bugba, 14 - Horse Touilly / 18-Musa-Sissoko, 7-Gleizman (88 'Kant), 8-Payer / 9-Giroux

Group E match, Poland 3 to 0 achievement abroad Romania, 10 credibility in the top 10 points. Aperture 11 minutes, Groszicki claimed beforehand in the aboriginal record. The additional half, a fireworks access in Levan side, Levin fell to the arena for treatment, the bold abeyant for 10 minutes. 83 minutes, Levin bankrupt into the belted breadth into the far bend from the larboard basal oblique.

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