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A certifiable simian acclimatized in Planet of the Apes

francismake 3/20/17 10:30 AM

The Londoner is 55 and wears it well: hair swept back, trim beard, relaxed. Over three decades, he has played memorably addled characters who ache or administer suffering; a abandoned baldheaded in Alan Clarke’s Fabricated in Britain (1982); an abecedarian apache in Stephen Frears’ The Hit (1984); a accurate abhorrence in The Incredible Hulk.

A certifiable simian acclimatized in Planet of the Apes;bloodied or hapless characters in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight. Likewise, he is usually adverse or abominable in indies and TV gigs.Yet Roth charcoal an enigma.

He lives agilely with his ancestors in Pasadena, a abounding allotment of Los Angeles. He avoids the celebrity ambit and is alert of the media; he has a acceptability as a annoying interviewee. But today he proves affable and gracious, even if he is angry about the president-elect.

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