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Real Madrid alone all absorbed offers in Kovacic

francismake 4/18/17 12:35 PM

Kovacic is the approaching of Real Madrid. 22-year-old Kovacic has become an important affiliate of Zidane's lineup, and the club is aswell actual assured of him, because of this, Real Madrid alone all absorbed offers in Kovacic.This division there are two months afore the end, but Kovacic's arena time has accomplished to 1642 minutes, added than endure season's 1411 minutes.

Endure season, Kovacic alone got 30% arena time of the competition, this division it accomplished to 41%. His accent in the aggregation is aswell increasing. His accession to the abhorrent aswell increased, 2016-17 division he denticulate 2 goals and 2 assists, and endure division is a ambition and 1 assists.For this reason, Real Madrid does not intend to advertise him.

He was accomplishing able-bodied in important matches, such as the chase adjoin Atletico and Barcelona this season, and he accepted that he was accessible to play in the important game. Real Madrid for the accession of him spent 30 actor euros, the club aswell admired him as Modric's successor, this amateur is not in the ranks of the sale.

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