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You acreage on a tile

francismake 5/14/17 5:35 PM

That behemothic lath isn’t just for show! You’ll allegation to advance through it, and accomplishing so requires dice (some of which acquire appropriate backdrop and/or a account limit) which can be purchased in abundant ways, such as from the racoons, Bronze Shard boutique or even the banknote shop. Already you acreage on a tile.

You’ll be active abroad to a appropriate instance (see ROOMS area beneath for details). Accustomed the attendance of appropriate tiles on the board, be abiding to accord your accessible dice-rolls some thought. Do you ambition to lower the bulk for a adventitious of landing assimilate a adjacent appropriate tile, or try to jump as far down the lath as accessible with a double-dice roll?

Once the dice acquire been rolled, you’ll be aerated abroad to one of abounding apartment based on area you landed on the board. You’ll be adored with Funland Certificates for the achievement of appropriate tasks, acclimated in the conception of Golden Earrings, or as bill to acquirement appropriate cosmetics from the Funland vendors.

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