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Brown lensThis kindSunglasses

AaronMalcolm 6/17/17 1:58 PM

Trend sunglasses is not a whim as clothing,in classic style sunglasses still especially this year since the 1950s,has been sought after by many people of fashion,the revival of classic sunglasses style is particularly pronounced some,major brands have joined engraved waves,the most prominent is the 80s of plastic frame aviator glasses and the last century Popular.3 lens color Pink lensThis is a very colors that are popular.It can absorb 95% of ultravioletSunglassesSunglassesAnd,part of the short wavelength of visible light.In fact,the most in such a function and the general,refers to the pink of the lens,it does not color the lens does not become larger than the lens of the protective effect.Because they wear feel more comfortable,however,some for the sake of people,significant psychological help,will still exist.Gray lensIt can absorb 98% of the infrared and ultraviolet radiation.Maximum of a good of gray lensGray lensGray lensIt is not the original scene change color it is due to the lens,the maximum satisfaction is that it can be very effective in reducing the intensity of the light.<br/><a href="">Cheap Shoes Store Nike Flyknit Rosherun</a>
Green lensGreen lenses,to "Le Pen" series of lenses you can say to represent it as a gray lensGreen lensGreen lensThis is,effectively,will be able to absorb 99% of the infrared light and ultraviolet light.However,green lens,do some changes of the color of the scene distortion.In addition,the barrier thin gray lens of the effect is slightly behind,however,green is still as good as a good protective lens.Brown lensThis kindSunglassesSunglassesLens and type of light absorbance of the green lens is similar but,more green lens will absorb blue light.As Brown lens is much larger,so distort a lot of color than the gray level of the green lens,it is the general satisfaction is low.However,it is to offer another alternative colors,it is possible to reduce a little blue glow,and the image clearer.Yellow lensThis ultraviolet radiation was absorbed 100%,infrared and 83% visible light,can be made possible to penetrate the mirrorYellow lensYellow lensSheet.Yellow lens The biggest feature is that it absorbs most of the blue light.Because the atmosphere of the sun is too light,mainly (sometimes the sky to explain why blue) blue light performance.Yellow lenses absorb blue light later,you have to follow when hunting,yellow lens to be used as a "filter" and hunters use,you can make a scene more explicit nature.However,nobody yellow glasses is wearing,target shooting,and therefore,it is not possible to prove the shooter as better results.4 Optional matters Medical professionalSunglassesSunglassesIs recommended when purchasing sunglasses,according to the vision,it is apparent to the judge.To purchase a high-quality sunglasses,the only way to run is a regular of light shop to purchase optical shop,a sunglasses.<br/><a href="">-Cheap Shoes Store Jordan Super Fly</a>

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