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However,the widespread use of plastic lens,it has developed

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Such car hood,then observe the horizontal plane,please wear polarized sunglasses.It will head slowly to the left or right.You will find the glare from the surface changes as the adjustment the angle of the line of sight becomes brighter.Before buying,you can be made easy ?? test to identify their authenticity.Locate the reflecting surface,in order to observe the surface,through the lens,it took sunglasses.Slowly quarter turn sunglasses,decrease or increase and observe whether or not to reflect the glare.If you are a sunglasses polarized sunglasses,a significant reduction in glare appears.When mirroring below exposed to sunlight sunglasses,color is called the sunglasses and prescription glasses color glasses and darker.Lens principle of special chemical reaction depends on the UV.Several million of the molecules in the lens (for example,such as silver or silver halide chloride) contains a specific substance.
<br/><a href="">yeezy</a> If no ultraviolet ray is not present,visible light,can be transmitted through these molecules,it is the visible portion of a typical artificial light.When exposed to ultraviolet sunlight,but so that their shape is changed,these elements will pass through the chemical process.As the lens becomes dark,new molecular structure,will absorb some of the visible light.The number of shape changes of the molecule will alter the UV intensity change.Test results of polarized sunglassesTest results of polarized sunglassesSunglassesSunglassesIf you leave the ultraviolet light,in case you come indoors,it is made to the corresponding chemical change.When suddenly left the UV,thus these molecules can quickly lose the absorption characteristics of the light,it will be restored to its original structure.It is,or will happen the speed of the whole process changes whether in very quickly to reverse a positive change.In the code ?? training,Inc.1960 production PhotoBrown and PhotoGrey series,the lens is made of glass,the molecule will be distributed throughout the evenly lens.If you use this method with prescription glasses,
<br/><a href="">Red Bull</a>since the thickness of different parts of the location prescription lens color is further darkened may vary slightly thicker,problem becomes clear.However,the widespread use of plastic lens,it has developed a new approach.Plastic lenses,by being immersed in a chemical bath,the color molecules are absorbed into the depth of the plastic lens of approximately 150 microns.This new method,the coating process,the thickness of the color molecules only 5 microns,much better than a simple coating process that it can not provide enough molecules to darken the lens.Specular reflectionReflective lens sunglasses,can be reflected as a mirror.Coated with a very thin reflective coating on the lens - so this layer is a very thin coating,it is called a half-plane.
<br/><a href="">Nike Air Max Tailwind</a> The term reflective elements "half" is coming from the top of the lens is very sparse,the number is about half of the lens becomes opaque number of mirrors of the molecule.At the molecular level,the reflective elements are uniformly uniform film layer and is dispersed on the surface of the lens to form a half of the area of ??the covered lens film.You can reach to the surface.The semi-silver plated surface reflects the light of about half,and let the other half of the light passing through direct ??.Typically,the mirror coating is gradual,paint and change the color depth from top to bottom gradually.The bottom and horizontally,more while allowing the light which can be enhanced sunglasses to light from the top of elasticity.This means that when you are driving,sunglasses,still you,while it possible to view the dashboard and means to block the sunlight.Sometimes paint is faded at the top and bottom of the color depth of the best lens,the center of the lens is clear.Important issue,paints,reflecting sunglasses is that the vulnerable.Obviously,we sunglasses manufacturers have not been able to be successful with a reflective film which is coated with a scratch-resistant layer now.<br/><a href="" title="pas cher chaussure nike air max 2013">pas cher chaussure nike air max 2013</a> <br/><a href=""title="cheap wholesale hat cleveland indians new era 59fifty">cheap wholesale hat cleveland indians new era 59fifty</a> <br/><a href=""title="cheap wholesale new balance 990 womens">cheap wholesale new balance 990 womens</a>

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