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Ray-Ban,in addition to good protection function,the designer

irenezhang 7/6/17 4:57 PM

I Let's give it to disposal have eaten" and "non ......Playful become!" Bulgari chocolate iris is dispelled the hand of the man of gray hair,and violet me was attracted.And bellow is glaring."I can I just want to help the violet.The guy that is not helped violet Tsu not interested!" Ray-Ban Ray-Ban "is a venerable brand of sunglasses was founded in the United States in 1937.Company name has a meaning to cut off the light beam (Ray) (Ban),"If you do not abide by optically eye,not be called with the sunglasses" is the basic concept of the time of establishment.While calling the novel design of a flexible spirit,firmly continued defense policy and quality,in 1986,it has earned the title from American? Fashion? Designers Council The World's Finest Sunglasses (finest sunglasses world) .It is one of the world's most famous sunglasses?
<br/><a href="">Nike Fashion Shoes Roshe Run</a> Brand,Celebrity loyal around the world many,overseas,John? F? Kennedy,Michael? Jackson,Brad? Pitt,Madonna,such as Kate? Moss is famous.In Japan,we have Tamori,Takuya Kimura,Takeshi Furuya and many loyal is.The Ray-Ban the GIFT TIME,which is the most sold in the world,we offer at a reasonable price!English ban the barriers,glare as Ray-Ban Ray-Ban,called Ray,is the essence of sunglasses to block the glare of light.Ray-Ban,the Air Force,the user to give the maximum of vision protection,has been manufacturing inclined reflecting mirror sunglasses.In fact for a long time,the sunglasses of Ray-Ban is synonymous with the glare block.Ray-Ban sunglasses,was born from the pain of the US Air Force lieutenant.1923,driving lieutenant a small aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean,deep back-based,and even nausea,headache,dizziness side effects,I felt the pain caused by strong sunlight.
<br/><a href="">Venta Al Por Mayor Barata Zapatos New Balance 574 Barato</a>Based on this,in 1930,Bausch & Lomb in order to maintain the sunglasses good clear vision of Ray-Ban has developed to absorb the most solar least heat dissipation.Ray-Ban,in addition to good protection function,the designer will design its shape in order to emphasize the style rough brave soldier sunglasses.Ray-Ban sunglasses,Harley-Davidson motorcycle,of American culture symbol and ZIPPO writer.English ban the barriers,glare as Ray-Ban Ray-Ban,called Ray,is the essence of sunglasses to block the glare of light.To wear Ray-Ban lens,in the first half of the 20th century,it is the taste of the biggest names in the entertainment industry - Gary Grant,Audrey Hepburn is its loyal.Wayfarer style white box,red box,black,tortoiseshell ......different Ray-Ban sunglasses,dress wearing civilian clothes,standing in the face of the Hollywood star,has appeared in a variety of situations .Sienna Miller,Olsen sisters,Kirsten Dunst,and has become the backbone of Ray-Ban.
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Ray-Ban,the frame,the masterpiece glasses: rb5154 Ray-Ban is,by the influx of people of love,glasses typical American style of the frame for a variety of opportunities to wear,a sophisticated atmosphere,glasses1835New York of people of German-Americans,Dr.John began in the business of import and optical products from Europe,the only business,long after, not sunk in terribly close to bankruptcy.Thanks to good friend Henry Fallon,the company maintains,provides the company the funds of his last only $ 60,which is to survive,it helped us.Henry Fallon combined with John,with the company name,the name of the formal Bausch & Lomb.The United States to become the company's familiar name,since then,the carrier of the Bausch & Lomb until today,will be prosperity.One day,the United States Air Force lieutenant door visits the Bausch & Lomb.Lieutenant in the Air Force in 1923 is,and rich experience of flying,to drive the small aircraft across the Atlantic,had been famous.<br/><a href="">Fashion Cheap Adidas,Fashion Cheap Caps,Fashion Cheap NewBalance,Fashion Cheap Nike Online Sale Store !</a> <br/><a href="">Venta al por mayor barata Zapatos Adidas</a> <br/><a href="">Fashion Sale Nike Air Max 90</a>

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