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2 polarizer is generally thick,it is easy to form a Noir to image

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4.It is,rainwater overflow of rain clearly exist road traffic signs are available to you in front of your eyes.5.vacation,you can enjoy the sun,sand and leisure time.6 Shopping Tips Sunglasses do not have to be worn only in the summer only,in fact,it should be used all year round.Sunny Wear good,it was cloudy and must be worn.Weather,lightly unconscious,taken more harmful ultraviolet radiation,it is not hot,cloudy day,I do not think the sun is not strong.The quality of the main considerationsThe main function of polarizing sunglasses,UV and polarizing filter,
<br/><a href="">Adidas Springblade</a>good polarized sunglass lenses are able to penetrate blocking the ultraviolet rays 90%.You can choose the UV symbol block "UV400" at the best polarized sunglasses.For example,poor quality polarized sunglasses such as dark sunglasses,when the dark of entry human eye,the pupil of the eye increases,ultraviolet rays increases the burden of entering the eye to eye,will increase.Depending on the material true natureChromatic polarization sunglasses,sharp edges of objects that can identify the principle of effective in different colors of light without distortion,you must choose the base color of the surrounding environment.In particular,in order to ensure safe operation,such as a driver in sunglasses.Infrared,these color lenses for ultraviolet absorption,so that wearing a better effect in the case of air pollution and fog is positive can improve the visual contrast and clarity,The color of the lens,brown,<br/><a href="">Nike Air Max 2015</a> but green is good,in gray.There will be a long-term wear discomfortGenuine polarized sunglasses,in order to wear too comfortable,lens material is also very bad,lens ,,bad health at all inferior to the production of technical and functional,wearing a headache after feeling dizziness,dry eye,tingling ,immediately discontinue use.Please refer to the frame protection.Most frames polarization sport sunglasses,effectively prevents irritation of wind and foreign eye outdoor sports,it is veneered arc design.In addition,the flexible material of the rigid polarized lenses and frames,it is I will not take into account whether an adverse effect on the human body.7 Notes1 polarizer,it has linear polarizer and (linear polarization) circularly polarized lightPolarizerPolarizerHave access to the same effect as the use of (circularly polarized light); It is possible to pass through the filter,but circularly polarized light is not linear is annular with a particularly suitable autofocus system to the camera.
<br/><a href="">Adidas ZX781</a> The camera,because it uses a reflective lens,it is possible annular polarizer to ensure the focus accuracy,please use the single-lens reflex unit.If you use a polarizer with a digital camera,since it requires the use of circularly polarized light,inexpensive line bias during use,give affect some automatic focus camera.2 polarizer is generally thick,it is easy to form a Noir to image Otherwise,do not use ?? in combination with the best of other filter.3.When used on the day of the polarizer itself cloudy,absorbs about 75% of the light or the small aperture snapshot,in order to stabilize the body,preferably,use a tripod.Digital cameras,because it uses the TTLPhotometry,there is no need to reduce the amount of light due to performing the exposure correction.Diopter glasses in plain mirror,myopia and hyperopia,astigmatism,it is not not a no.<br/><a href="" title="pas cher chaussure 2014 nike air max 90 vt">pas cher chaussure 2014 nike air max 90 vt</a> <br/><a href=""title="cheap wholesale adidas zx700 running shoes">cheap wholesale adidas zx700 running shoes</a> <br/><a href=""title="cheap wholesale new balance 997">cheap wholesale new balance 997</a>

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