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In addition,Oakley polarized lenses,general polarization

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First,"to re-examine from physical impossible" thing.In order to begin to create a new design,"it is impossible's" Do not be bound by preconceived notion.Without narrowing their possibilities,always new technologiesPolicy that over to catch up,to push forward in technology development.Then,"we are not caught in the idea that you were addicted to customs and type" thing.And if necessary,do not hesitate to work when re-created at any time from the zero-based,you can always give priority to that unleashed the idea.Third,"and wrap in Art of superior design the science" to be.Because newly birth to technology and design,until the moment that it is recognized in the world,has left room for further evolution. <br/><a href="">Venta al por mayor barata Adidas</a> SoshinINTRODUCTION,do not stop the hands to explore the possibilities.And "innovation leads to solve the problem" Do not forget the premise that,can meet the athletes of various requests,to continue to explore new technologies.Finally,always "to the unexpected to reality" and to pursue the idea.Excellent invention betrayal user expectations at any time,those that go far above expectations.The world is Hisage the infinite possibilities which the fusion of technology and design bringThe Shimesuru is,I mean that making those of Oakley.The sun,the enemy.Sunglasses,weapon.At present,Oakley "The sun,the enemy.THE SUN IS THE ENEMY."And in theme to expand the campaign.<br/><a href="">Cheap Nike Wholesale Online Air Max 90</a> Sunglasses and what is an important "weapon" to counter the "enemy" that the sun Oakley was thinking.SportsEven over Tsu performance gear,even as everyday use of eyewear,many of the industry's best technologies and products that make full use of the idea,has become a thing worthy of being called just "weapon".The ultraviolet light of all wavelengths falling from the sun,UV cut function that scraped off 100 percent.Unbreakable even if shot in the shotgun from close range Zuba missing durability (※).In addition,Oakley polarized lenses,general polarization LenRather than the manner sandwiching the polarizing film between two lenses as shown,for polarizing film is bonded to the lens at the molecular level,it is a great feature also not lead to any distortion in sight.The KuoUtility is to achieve a degree of polarization of 99.9%,which is the limit value of modern technology,is unlikely to cut almost entirely a strong light that pierce the eye.And durability to prevent the bullet ※,ANSI (American National Standards Institute) eyewear is proposed industry standard "Z87.1" high-pressure?
<br/><a href="">Best Wholesale Caps Monster Energy And Fox</a> High-speed impact test (per hour 164㎞,diameter 6 mm) of the deflected a steel ball,1M30㎝ sharp triangle from the height of 500gIt is to clear the falling through test of cone.In addition to this,Oakley also expand photochromic (dimming) lens.This lens,for example,color becomes thin when the morning dim,the bright daytime sunlightAs that color becomes darker,and Toka he has always function of the all-weather to achieve the best view in that depth of the lens is changed in accordance with the amount of ultraviolet light and temperature.Moisture,of course,repel oil stains such as sebum,fingerprints,a proprietary Oakley "hydrophobin Big? Lens coating" also would say a very practical consideration for the user.It is a favorite of top athletes around the world,and even the fact that has been adopted in the US military,has been accompanied by a persuasive to those of functional beauty.Rich lens color and design?<br/><a href="">Cheap Nike Wholesale Online Air Max 90 Mens </a> <br/><a href="">Best Wholesale Caps Cleveland Indians New Era 59fifty</a> <br/><a href="">-Venta al por mayor barata Adidas Sky Hi</a>

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