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There is a trout.May cause cataracts,a long time to absorb

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Typically,the mirror coating is gradual,paint and change the color depth from top to bottom gradually.The bottom and horizontally,more while allowing the light which can be enhanced sunglasses to light from the top of elasticity.This means that when you are driving,sunglasses,still you,while it possible to view the dashboard and means to block the sunlight.Sometimes paint is faded at the top and bottom of the color depth of the best lens,the center of the lens is clear.Important issue,paints,reflecting sunglasses is that the vulnerable.Obviously,we sunglasses manufacturers have not been able to be successful with a reflective film which is coated with a scratch-resistant layer now.Thus,the anti-scratch layer is applied to the lens surface is coated with a reflective film on the scratch layer.<br/><a href="">Venta al por mayor barata Adidas</a> Anti-scratch protection layerGlass,is a natural anti-scratch,it is not a majority of plastic.To solve this problem,manufacturers,a series of methods,has developed a robust transparent layer of the coated surface film of the lens.Such films are perforated by the class of carbon and polycrystalline diamond sintered body of the material.The ionization process,a thin layer on the surface of the lens,please wear a very resistant membrane.Antireflection coatingA common problem is,back glare on the back of the light after he is reflected in your eyes is generated,is the emergence of sunglasses after glare.The effect of the anti-reflective protective coating is to reduce the reflected light lens.And anti-scratch protection layer,anti-reflective coating,a layer of the lens is very strong,
<br/><a href="">Best Wholesale Caps Monster Energy And Fox</a> very thin membrane.The refractive index of the antireflection film material between the air and the glass.This is roughly equal to the film strength of the inner surface and an outer surface of the reflected light.The thickness of the film when the inner and outer surfaces of the film,light of a wavelength of light reflected from a would cancel by destructive interference minimizes glare look like this 1/4 It is the degree.Anti-reflective coating is also the front face of the refractive lens,and are applied to several sunglasses to eliminate glare produced by the reflection lens and a "hot spot"UV coatingOne of several causes of the most serious eye disease,is as follows.Ultraviolet light.UV A,UV B: according to the frequency and wavelength,UV is classified into two categoriesAs the protection of the natural eye,the eye of the people of the cornea,the majority it will be able to absorb,
<br/><a href="">Cheap Nike Wholesale Online Air Max 90</a> however,still some of the UV-A of all of the UV-B and UV A is,to reach the eye of the lens There is a trout.May cause cataracts,a long time to absorb ultraviolet light,a small amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the retina via the cornea A,can cause macular degeneration,macular degeneration,over 65 of the elderly,it is a major cause of the resulting blindness.Long-term exposure to strong ultraviolet radiation,in burns of the retina,can cause eye cancer or chemical keratitis.This is,in many cases,in the winter of snow outside of a sunny day,in many cases,the glare of the snow surface reflecting the sun,which is called snow blindness,occurs.Sunglasses,your sunglasses must ensure that filtering 100% of the two types of ultraviolet radiation,it is possible to eliminate UV radiation and has good UV coating.<br/><a href="">Fashion Adidas Wholesale Springblade 5 Mens</a> <br/><a href="">Cheap Wholesale Adidas Shoes High Tops</a> <br/><a href="">-Venta al por mayor barata Adidas Porsche</a>

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