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On the other hand,I had a comment many are submitted

AaronMalcolm 8/24/17 3:23 PM

Howell idea (MARGARET HOWELL idea),Bijei Classic Collection (BJ Classic Collection),in addition to erotica common select such as Saber (SABRE),Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban),Viktor & Rolf (VIKTOR & ROLF),lineup also like ADSR (er Dee S.Earl).In particular Ray-Ban,the enhancement of the items are aligned from classic to popular models.In addition,in the venue,such as to expand the debut of eyewear brand Von this year (VONN),and pay attention to their own selection.From casual ones to luxury high-end line,the latest sunglasses becomes the shop gather at once towards the summer.<br/><a href="">Atacado barato Womens New Balance 574</a> As a fashion item when it comes to summer,as Hata also UV protection,will some people that use the sunglasses.But I think it is quite hard to find the sunglasses to suit yourself,everyone,I wonder how?This time,"Tell me press Topi by! Goo," "choice of suits sunglasses to topic,tell me be? What form that has sunglasses" Now that you have heard that,various voices were received.Although some people have,surprisingly it is used not human majority"A lot from what was bought at 100 yen shop to Ray-Ban,who was to blonde than are you ne black hair with sunglasses I suits!"<br/><a href="">Cheap Wholesale Hat Famous</a> And (tar-san),"have to have.Ray-Ban" (Mr.catseye),taste things have,there was a reply that has been used for different fashion and have multiple have.On the other hand,I had a comment many are submitted that do not use."Basic sunglasses is a school that does not.So I do not have" (Maiuechan's),"It is has never been the sunglasses.He was born to this person.So I do not even one has,it is not likely to also buy it" ( It is a response such as Mr.Sobayu).You have also to other,but you are not using,by failing over a period because it does not suit,were many voices that it is not in use.While it is such sunglasses,in addition to fashion applications,or not of some people to use the sunglasses with UV protection.But I wonder can be implemented properly this UV protection in sunglasses? Minami Aoyama Eye Clinic in Tokyo,I have to ask you to Ide Takeshi teacher of deputy director.role of sunglasses playsWill there any effect of UV protection in sunglasses?"Strong sunlight and lighting,such as to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays,
<br/><a href="">Cheap Shoes Store Nike Flyknit Rosherun</a>has the effect of improving the quality of appearance" (Ide teacher)Sunglasses other than UV protection According to Ide teacher that exert a force.Or to what works really sunglasses.And visible light visible to "light,there is ultraviolet and infrared that is invisible to the eye.Functions required for general of sunglasses,and an ultraviolet cut function,visible light cut function in accordance with the light intensity is the basic.Other In terms of,polarization function to reduce the reflection and scattering light is cut the visible light that is visible to ultraviolet light and eyes,called the typical thing "(Ide teacher) UV,to protect the eyes.Then,reduce the reflection and scattering light,it also sunglasses plays role that easy to see what hard to see.<br/><a href="">Cheap Shoes Store Women Springblade Razor I</a> <br/><a href="">Sale Wholesale Nike Free Flyknit</a> <br/><a href="">-Atacado barato New Balance 574 Unissex</a>

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