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We won't give up. They can't spoil our celebration

daicy666 1/6/23 6:45 PM
"We won't give up. They can't spoil our celebration," said Yaryna, 36, who celebrated the New Year with her husband.In a video message to celebrate the New Year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said: "I want to wish all of us one thing: victory."Shortly after midnight, Mozu Doll air raid sirens were again blared across Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the Russian people to support his military in his New Year's address.Celebrations in Moscow were muted, without the usual fireworks on Red Square."People should not pretend that nothing happened, our people are dying (in Ukraine)," said Yelena Popova, 68. "Festivals are being celebrated, but there must be limits." Many Muscovites said they hope Achieve peace in 2023.Fireworks went off in the British capital at midnight and the London Eye turned blue Cosdoll Sex Doll and yellow in a show of support for Ukraine.Calling it the biggest celebration in Europe, London's mayor also mentioned Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, the red and white colors of England's football team, and the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay) 50th anniversary in 2022. , bisexual, transgender and skeptical) pride event rainbow colors.
Elsewhere in the region, fireworks were set off over the Parthenon in Athens, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, as people gathered on the Champs-Elysées to watch the French capital celebrate the first New Year since 2019 fireworks.Like many places, the 160-169cm Sex Doll Czech capital Prague felt financially strapped, so no fireworks display was held. "It seems inappropriate to hold a celebration," said City Hall spokesman Werther Hoffmann.Heavy rain and strong winds have led to the cancellation of fireworks displays in major Dutch cities.But temperatures in several European cities set annual records. In Prague, it was the warmest New Year's Eve in 247 years on record, with temperatures hitting 17.7C.
It was also the warmest New Year's Eve ever recorded in France, the official weather forecaster at Meteo France said.Earlier, Australia kicked off an unrestricted New Year's Eve celebration for the first time after two years Elf Sex Doll of disruption from the coronavirus pandemic.In Australia, where the first twilight of the new year 2023 is coming, more than one million people gathered around the iconic Sydney Harbor on New Year’s Eve to watch the launch from the sails of the Opera House and more than 100 points near the Harbor Bridge. More than 13,000 fireworks form a colorful and magnificent picture in the sky."This New Year's Eve, we're saying Sydney is back as we begin the celebrations that lead the world into the New Year with a bang," said Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.
This year, Australia, like many countries around the world, reopened its borders, lifted social distancing restrictions and lifted Jiusheng Doll pandemic-era restrictions on celebrations.In China, where strict coronavirus restrictions were not lifted until December, the government rolled back its zero-clearing policy, a shift that sent infections soaring and meant some were in no mood to celebrate."This virus should die; can't believe I can't even find a healthy friend to hang out with me this year," wrote a social media user in eastern Shandong province.

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