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We are both together, to live well

daicy666 1/11/23 7:26 PM
After my legs were paralyzed, my temper became violent and unpredictable. Looking at the formation of geese returning from the north in the sky, I would suddenly smash the glass in front of me; listening to the sweet song of Li Gu Yi, I would violently slam the things in my hand to the surrounding walls. Manga Sex Doll My mother quietly hid out and secretly listened to my movements in a place I could not see. When all was silent again, she crept in again, the edges of her eyes red, looking at me. "I heard that the flowers are blooming in the North Sea, I'll push you to go for a walk." That's what she always said. My mother loved flowers, but since my leg was paralyzed, all those flowers she tended died. "No, I won't go!" I pounded my hateful legs and shouted, "What's the point of me living!" My mother swooped in and grabbed my hand, True Idols Sex Doll holding back her sobs and said, "Let's stay together, live well, live well ......," but I never knew that her illness had reached that point. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.
That day I was sitting alone in the house again, watching the leaves outside the window "swish, swish, swish" falling. My mother came in and blocked the window: "The chrysanthemums in the North Sea are in bloom, Fantasy Sex Doll let me push you to go see them." Her haggard face looked like she was begging. "When?" "Tomorrow, if you want." She said. She was already overjoyed by my answer. "All right, tomorrow." I said. She was so happy that she sat down for a while and stood up for a while: "Then hurry up and get ready." "Ugh, don't be annoyed? A few steps, what is there to prepare!" She also laughed and sat beside me, rambling on: "After seeing the chrysanthemums, let's go to the 'imitation restaurant', where you loved to eat peas when you were a child. Remember that time I took you to the North Sea? You said that the poplar flowers Elf Ears Sex Doll are caterpillars, running, a foot flattened a ......" she suddenly stopped talking. For the "run" and "step" kind of words. She is more sensitive than me. She quietly went out again.
She went out. And never came back.
When the neighbors carried her to the car, she was still spitting out blood. I didn't think she was that sick. As I watched the tricycle go away, I never thought it would be a goodbye forever.

When the neighbor boy carried me to see her, she was breathing hard, like her life had been hard. I was told that her last words before she fell into a coma were, "My sick son and my daughter who is still a minor ......"
It was autumn again, and my sister pushed me to see the chrysanthemums at the North Sea. The yellow flowers are light and elegant, the white flowers are high and pure, the fuchsia flowers are warm and deep, FUDOLL Sex Doll splashing and splashing, and are blooming in the autumn breeze. I understand what my mother did not finish. My sister also understands. We are both together, to live well ......

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