Portable Crusher Plant With Advanced Modular Design

stonecrusher 8/12/19 12:52 PM

With the continuous development of the times, in order to meet more production needs, we have introduced a new type of portable crusher plant. The portable crusher plant has been optimized and innovated in structure design, equipment configuration and combined application. The combination of portable crusher is more flexible, which greatly broadens the application field of tire portable crusher plant and realizes the real material connection. Recent treatment is mainly used in metal ore crushing, building stone crushing and solid waste treatment and other fields.

2. Product Advantage

(1) A comprehensive portfolio of mobile products

This series of portable crusher plants consists of more than 70 models with seven modules. Each model can work independently or jointly with multiple equipments to provide customized mobile crushing solutions for users according to their needs.

(2) Advanced modular design

This series of portable crusher plants adopt the modular design concept, and a frame is used for various types of machines to realize the interchange between different host units of the same type. Users only need to replace the main equipment, which can meet the needs of different sites, and thus bring more value to users.

(3) Flexible Mobile Configuration Scheme

This series of portable crusher plants can be used in one crushing stage independently, or other crushing and screening mobile stations can work together to achieve two, three or four crushing stages to meet various crushing and screening needs.

(4) Humanized Structural Design

This series of portable crusher plants are equipped with hydraulic system control equipment, such as lifting and erecting, transportation, contraction and folding, etc. It is simple and convenient to operate. It is equipped with maintenance hoisting tools, operation platform, maintenance toolbox and centralized control system to maintain the user-friendly. At the same time, adding water spraying dust suppression device, iron removal device and other selection schemes can meet the user's multiple use environment requirements.

Portable crusher plant: https://www.zenithcrusher.com/ver2.0/Products/Crushing/Mobile-Crusher/Portable-Jaw-Crusher-Plant.html

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