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Stephens is the WTA's highest ranked American woman wow classic gold at No. 9, reaching as high as No. 3 in the world l. Firstly, you can get the XPS 15 with either an FHD (1920x1080) display or a 4K ultra HD display. Even with the 4K ultra HD display and 16 GB of memory, the XPS 15 still ends up less expensive than the MacBook Pro by several hundred bucks. With the 4K display, you're getting double the screen resolution as that of the MacBook Pro and you'll also be able to export 4K videos much faster than with the Mac so if you plan to frequently edit 4K videos, the Dell XPS 15 is definitely a good choice.

"Don't Breathe" (R, 88 min.) An instant neo grindhouse classic, this truly frightening horror suspense thriller ingeniously twists the "Wait Until Dark" format, trapping three ostensibly sympathetic teenage burglars (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) in the rambling, fortified home of a tough war veteran (a robust and alarming Steven Lang) who violently turns the tables on his would be victimizers. Director Fede Alvarez (the "Evil Dead" remake) and his co scenarist, Rodo Sayagues, expertly establish the premise and context the house is located in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood that is ground zero for the theme of economic despair while ensuring that the viewer, unlike the burglars, never becomes lost within the mazelike topography of the multi level home, with its basement, crawlspaces and barred windows. Taking advantage of the cinematic opportunities inherent to a story about the usefulness of eyes, the filmmakers creatively exploit the veteran's blindness for maximum tension, plunging the teens into darkness or freezing them in place while the man's grasping hands are only inches away.

This thesis thus focuses on the four way relationship between the built environment, legislation/policy, bodies, and subjectivities, as governed in the urban night. To do this, I conducted ethnographic and interview research with street cleaners, taxi drivers, policy makers and bar staff in order to focus on the role of peripheral actors in producing the urban night. As thesis develops, I explore a 'vocabulary of practice' in order to set out the process of the emergence of subjectivities, and the different ways in which these are acted upon: in doing so, I introduce concepts of framing, assemblage, multiplicity, enunciation and affect, amongst others.

After that you 80+100% with a hot or two on and a moonfire dot+faerie fire on them. Dance around them and attempt a short range feral charge if you have it. Feral charge into cheetah a short distance, into entangling roots gives you a free chance to rejuv/moonfire or regrowth/moonfire back into bear.
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