Something About the Standing Desk

standingdesks2022 9/25/22 7:12 PM

A study found that those who used a best standing desk had higher productivity rates of 45%. Productivity increased in the first month to 23%, but by six months, it grew to 53%.

Are Standing Desks Worth It?
A standing desk is, like the name suggests, a desk that you can use while you stand up. Some sit stand desk can be adjusted so that you can switch between sitting and standing, while others come at a fixed height. Some standing desks operate as extensions that you simply place on top of an existing desk, while others are standalone units.

One study found that participants who used standing desks reported being less tired at the end of the day. According to Pichonsky, your posture plays an important role. It is not that standing desks are better or worse for you than sitting, Pichonsky explains. It all depends on your posture. If you are standing but still hunching over a laptop, it is not going to do much good.As you can see, an electric standing desk would be a better choice.
Ergonomic office chairs are designed to place your comfort and good posture above all else. Expect to be fully supported with backrests, soft seat cushions.

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