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Community Name how much is in the world's top stars of the true worth
Introduction With the winter transfer window officially opened, many players into the transfer rumors. Compared with the huge price European media often expose,

how much is in the world's top stars of the true worth? I believe this is an issue of concern to many people. Now, FIFA authentication data to

evaluate the mechanism of The CIES Football Observatory (University of Neuchatel by <a href=>fifa coins</a> and Switzerland

joint venture set up) was released today star guide price.
The authority of the data organization according to the players before the transfer fee, the age, the remaining contracts, the game data (such as

goals, assists, shooting, passing, dribbling) to establish an evaluation model can calculate the player's true worth. The comparison shows that the

player data of the <a href=>buy fifa 15 coins</a> 80% institutions with their real transfer fees are similar, so the data

authority given star guide price is credible and reasonable.
According to the assessment organization, in the world's most expensive player is Messi, Barcelona first in the transfer market value of up to

172600000 pounds. Now Messi in Barcelona undoubtedly very unhappy, raise a Babel of criticism of him recently fired coach Enrique contradiction. If

the little flea really had to flee from Barcelona, so his true worth fear will not reach 200000000 pounds (the amount of liquidated damages). In the

second row is C Luo, Real Madrid superstar is worth 104300000 pounds, Messi is still not a small gap distance.
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