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Part of printer Print head is responsible for printing. With the help of print head printer print ink on the paper. When any technical fault occurs with the print head of the Epson printer then users failed to print. The print head is very delicate part and gets damaged easily, therefore once it gets damage means users need to replace it. Sometimes simply by cleaning of the print head can solve the problem. Below givens steps will assist you to clean the print head. But if you are confused and need assistance. Use Epson Printer Customer Support Number which is always available for customers help. Through the tech support team, users will able to clean the print head to fix printer problem.
• Turn off the printer and make sure this is connected to the computer. Now insert some piece of paper into the printer.
• Now click on the start menu & click on control panel. Under the control panel click on “Printers and Faxes.” To clean the printer head, right click on the Epson printer & select the “Printing Preferences.” Click on “Maintenance” or “Head Cleaning” tab.
• Choose the option “Head Cleaning.” In the Epson, Wizard request to start the cleaning. The printer will start working & cleaning process. While the printer is on cleaning process don’t attempt to print.
• When the cleaning process is done, select the “Print Nozzle Check” under the printing preference. Take a test print. After the cleaning of printer head gets completed, the printout will show if it is effective or not.
If there is still a problem with printing quality and the lines are broken on the printout. You need to get help via customer care team. Try Epson Printer Customer Service Number which is 24 X 7 available to resolve a customer problem. Whenever users face trouble while printing the documents they can opt for tech support team to resolve the printing problem.
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