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Sometime you must be confused while searching for a good quality printer as there are several printers are available and due to that, you are confused that which one required to purchase. In that case, you can choose Lexmark Printer as it is one of the best available in the market and comprised of several features and functions which can be utilized in many ways. Apart from such features and functions, there is a possibility that you may confront with some error like Lexmark Printer unable to print. In that case, you have to just follow the steps which are provided in the instruction. If you failed to resolve even then, just reach out to the Lexmark Technical Support Number where the issues will be resolved.
1. To begin the process you are required to click on the “Start” and then just click on the “Control Panel.”
2. After the previous step, you will be required to type “Computer Management” in the Control Panel search box and then just Double-click the icon that appears.
3. Now in this step, you have to just click on the “Services” and then you need to click “Print Spooler.” Click “Restart” to restart your spooler service. Send your print job again to see if this fixed the problem.
4. Now it’s time to unplug your Lexmark printer and then you have to disconnect the interface cable.
5. Uninstall and then reinstall the drivers that came with the printer.
6. Check Lexmark’s site for updated drivers for your specific printer. If the drivers that came with your printer are older your printer may not work correctly.
As according to the above steps you can resolve the issue in an easy way. In case you failed to do so, then you have another option in the form of Lexmark Customer Support Number where you can rectify the error while resolving the issue. Here you will be able to get the support of qualified and expert technicians to handle the issue. All these services will be available 24×7 online.
Source: - https://www.customer-care-tollfree.com/fix-the-problem-with-a-lexmark-printer-that-wont-print/

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