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In AT&T email a user can send up to 25MB file attachment, this feature is one amongst many amazing features. But sometimes to download the attachment becomes a hassle. There have been many issues put up by regular AT&T users complaining about how they cannot download any attachment from their email even though the sized does not exceed even 20KB. So these type of inconveniences shifts the user’s attention away from the many amazing features AT&T mail provides. If you are wondering what these features are then you can access them by connecting to the AT&T customer service by calling AT&T Email Customer Support Number. Their line is available 24x7 and it is a toll-free number

The reasons for the failure of downloading attachments is caused by many factors. But the one that protrudes above the rest is the over cluttering of cookies, caches, footprints etc. The user must clean out all of these to ensure proper downloading of attachments from AT&T email. If you would like to know how to fix this issue then follow the steps below:
• Go to your web browser.
• Open your browser history
• Remove all caches, cookies, footprints etc.
• Run the scanner on your device.
Note: While running the scanner, make sure to delete all the junk and temp files as well or else it will not be cleaned all the way and you will still face the same problem.
• Save your Favorite and store them in the hard disk
• Transfer favorite from one username to another
• You can append or replace your Favorite to another id.
How to Retrieve AOL Gold Favorite:
For Retrieving the Favorite in your AOL Desktop Gold you just need to follow the guideline:
Another reason as to why you are not able to download attached files may be because of encryption. If the files look blurry or distorted it may be encrypted and for encryption to work, both the sender and the receiver should have the right key to decode it. So ask the sender to send the files again without using any encryption.
If you follow the rules or steps above properly then you will be able to troubleshoot the attachment error. But if you aren’t clear enough with the procedure and you want advice from proper technicians then you can call AT&T Email Technical Support Number to get the help you require.

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