The Best Starter Cards for Building Credit

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The Best Starter Cards for Building Credit

The Best Starter Cards for Building Credit

"It's far easier to take over an account and appear to be somebody else than it is to conduct a transactional fraud with a stolen credit card," says Gottesman. According to Forter's Fraud Attack Index, this type of fraud, called takeover fraud, increased by 31 percent in 2017.

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public Wi-Fi networks. If you have a password-protected Wi-Fi network at home, you generally know who has access to it. But if you're on campus or at a Starbucks using a public Wi-Fi network, you may be at risk.

Hackers can exploit security flaws in a public Wi-Fi router and scan data that pass back and forth between the router and your laptop. If you log in to your online credit card account, shop online or share any other sensitive information while on a public Wi-Fi network, the hacker can see it and use it or sell it.

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Unsecure and phishing websites. Even if you're on a secure Wi-Fi network, it's still possible to fall victim to hackers. One way is if you enter credit card or other personal information on an unsecure website – a site with an address that begins with "http" instead of "https." In this situation, a hacker can eavesdrop on your interactions with the site.

Having an https designation doesn't necessarily mean the website's motives are pure, though. Fraudsters can set up secure sites and accomplish the same goal.

Familiar fraud. College students are four times more likely to fall victim to familiar fraud, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. This happens when someone you know steals your credit card information or your Social Security number to open a fraudulent account in your name. perpetrators can be a family member, friend or even a roommate. Leaving your wallet lying around or not protecting your phone or laptop with a password could make it easy for people close to you to steal your card or information.

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