3g 4g gps jammer

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3g 4g gps jammer

For parked cars, turn off the engine and treat it as "outstanding", it must be on the taxiway, not in a parking space.
From the moment they stop on the public road, the driver is sanctioned, and it does not obstruct traffic.

The Supreme Court said that stationary vehicles with engines stopped could be considered "still in circulation".

All of this data is transmitted via satellite, radio or mobile (the cheapest solution) to a fixed server, ensuring the safety of the truck's location and status information. If the truck deviates from the planned route (and is submitted in advance), it will also receive an alert, which may indicate an accident, especially if the theft is ongoing.

Even at the end of the day, it is dangerous for drivers to use a mobile phone while driving. Cell phone GPS jammer are not allowed on mobile phones while driving.
Regardless of his current status, a parked driver can express and approve in words.
The Supreme Court does believe that circulation and movement should not be confused.



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