Outdated oil how to use several coup to help you become decadent magic

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Outdated oil how to use several coup to help you become decadent magic

Expired oil how to use? Believe this problem is that many women in particular want to understand. Because a bottle of good quality essential oil prices is certainly a lot of money. Therefore, the following specifically teach you how to make the best use of it, to help you save money and peace of mind Dream beauty pro.

I believe for women who often have skin care, essential oils for this skin care products are very familiar. Because most essential oils contain natural ingredients, they reach deep into the hair follicles and effectively nourish the skin, giving the skin a glamorous luster from the inside to the outside. This is the main reason why so many women choose essential oils for skin care. However, sometimes the essential oil to buy too much, put too long expired how to do? Throw it? No, the following small teach you if we become decadent magic Dream beauty pro hard sell.

1, act as freshener
Since most of the essential oil ingredients are extracted from the essence of plant extracts, and therefore often very aromatic smell. So if the outdated essential oil is useless, we may wish to be used as a cleaning agent. Put it in a small bottle inside, and then for the bedroom or room gently spray, the effect will be very wonderful. In addition, we can put it in the bathroom inside, so every time you go into the bathroom can smell the elegant flower wash Dream beauty pro hard sell.

2, as a sleep aid incense
For women who often suffer from insomnia at night, it is recommended that you drop a few drops of essential oil on a piece of sponge and place the sponge under the pillow or nightstand to not only enhance the calming effect, but also to get you as soon as possible . However, it should be noted that not all plant essential oils are able to sleep, lavender oil is generally better.

3, used to foot bath
If you still dislike the taste of your own feet, it is recommended that you can use expired oil at this time for foot bathing. Can effectively ease your beriberi problem, you can also spend a little different to buy perfume. This is not a good thing Dream beauty pro!


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