Environmental protection Agency

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Environmental protection Agency

The United States  has concluded that BpA is safe for food-grade use, and set a maximum acceptable dose of 0.05 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, and the European Food Safety Authority has come to similar conclusions. Japan phased out the use of BpA in the linings of tin cans about a decade ago, and subsequent testing found that BpA levels in humans were down 50 percent, Freeman said.

The Canadian government is reviewing BpA, along with about 200 other chemicals, for possible health risks. Industry is expected to respond to the challenge this fall, and the Canadian government will release their own response -- which could include regulatory action -- in the spring.

"This is a real window of opportunity with the federal government to take action on this chemical," Freeman said.

In the meantime, concerned consumers can reduce their exposure by choosing glass containers over plastic and fresh or frozen foods over canned. Some manufacturers produce polycarbonate baby bottles without BpA, Vasil said, and they are often found at health food stores. For people who want to avoid plastic food containers altogether, there are several aluminium, glass and stainless steel options available.

Vasil expects the Canadian government might decide in spring to phase BpA out of baby products -- as they have done with phthalates, another controversial chemical used in plastic -- but considers that a halfway measure. We tend to assume that chemicals approved for use by the government are safe, she said, despite having seen that assumption proved wrong in the past.

"Until we hear the official word on this," Vasil said, "I think it's best to take the precautionary approach and switch to alternative products in the meantime."


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