Diabetes causes sexual disharmony

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Diabetes causes sexual disharmony

Diabetes causes sexual disharmony! Want to be "sexual" at 3

There are many places where diabetics have to pay attention to their lives, including diet and exercise, and one thing that is often affected by diabetes is sex. Because of the effects of diabetes, many men have erectile dysfunction and women have vaginal inflammation, but that doesn't mean they want to say goodbye to sex.

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How does diabetes affect sex?

For men, studies have shown that diabetes can lead to up to 40 to 60 percent of erectile dysfunction (ED). This is because diabetes can cause neuropathy, which can affect the tactile sensation of male genitalia, and reduce blood supply, resulting in erectile problems. Second, high blood sugar can affect the man's endocrine function, making sex hormone decrease, easy to appear low sex drive. Finally, long-term hyperglycemia can also damage the bladder and urethra, leading to hypertrophy of the prostate.

For women, high blood sugar causes the vagina not to be sufficiently lubricated, which can lead to pain in intercourse, and can lead to mold and urinary tract infections, leading to various gynecological inflammation. It has also been reported that high blood sugar can lead to low libido, but not as obvious as men.

How do people with diabetes have sex?

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Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, southern medical university hospital cardiovascular division chief physician yi-ye zhao said that people with diabetes to consider sex, according to their own illness severity is usually can have sexual life, but to restraint. Don't forget to make sure you take the sugar pill on time.

1. Low frequency: sex should not be excessive, especially for sugar friends. It is recommended that sex should not be more than twice in a week, and the emphasis should be placed on appeasement, which is more conducive to the recovery of the disease.

2. Prevent hypoglycemia: sex is a high intensity exercise, and must be vigilant in the occurrence of hypoglycemia. Check your blood sugar levels before sex, and you can also eat properly.

3. Adjust your mindset: if sugar friends have happened, don't always feel that it is caused by diabetes, and don't be more nervous or worried. It is the psychological pressure that is too big, to oneself is not confident just more easily lead to impotence. At the same time, the other half should also give enough comfort and understanding to create a satisfying sex life together.

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