Devices have an 8-bit system address word

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Devices have an 8-bit system address word

The product deal with phrase is made up of a necessary a person, zero sequence with the initially 4 most significant bits as shown. This can be typical to all of the EEPROM equipment. The following 3 bits are definitely the A2, A1 and A0 gadget tackle bits for the 2K EEPROM. These three bits ought to compare to their corresponding hard-wired enter pins.

The 4K EEPROM only employs the A2 and A1 device handle bits with the third bit becoming a memory site tackle bit. The two unit tackle bits must examine for their corre- sponding hard-wired enter pins. The A0 pin is no-connect. The 8K EEPROM only works by using the A2 product address bit with the upcoming two bits being for memory web site addressing. The A2 bit should review to its corresponding hard-wired input pin. The A1 and A0 pins are no-connect.

The 16K EEPROM won't use the device tackle pins, which limitations the volume of equipment over a one bus to one. The A0, A1 and A2 pins are no-connects. The eighth bit in the product handle is the read/write procedure choose bit. A study opera- tion is initiated if this bit is superior in addition to a compose operation is initiated if this bit is lower. Upon a compare of the unit handle, the EEPROM will output a zero. If a compare is not made, the chip will return to some standby state.

Compose Operations BYTE Produce: A publish procedure demands an eight little bit data term deal with next the product deal with phrase and acknowledgement. Upon receipt of the deal with, the EEPROM will once again reply that has a zero after which you can clock in the to start with 8 little bit knowledge phrase. Following receipt of the 8 little bit info word, the EEPROM will output a zero and also the addressing gadget, this sort of for a microcontroller, need to terminate the produce sequence with a halt condi- tion.

At this time the EEPROM enters an internally-timed publish cycle, tWR, towards the nonvolatile memory. All inputs are disabled for the duration of this create cycle plus the EEPROM will not likely answer until the produce is comprehensive.


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