What are Different Skin Types

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What are Different Skin Types


tight after being cleansed, looks dry and flaky in places, hardly breakouts, very small pores.
Dry Skins are lacking in sebum, the skin's natural lubricant, and also lack the ability to retain moisture. Avoid using soap on your face and opt instead for a creamy cleanser wtice a day. Moisturizer is a must Hong Kong Macau Tour.


Smooth and clean after being cleansed, looks smooth and fresh, occassional breakouts, small to medium pores.
Normal skin is perfectly balanced with a healthy glow, fine texture, small pores, and rarely develops spots or shiny areas. With normal skin you can help maintain the natural balance of oil and moisture levels by using a gentle cleanser and oil-free moisturizer Mathematics Summer Courses.


Dry and itchy in places after being cleansed, looks flaky with some redness, breaks out quite often, medium pores.
Sensitive skin can flare up at times of stress or as a reaction to harsh cosmetic prodcuts . Use products that are allergy and hypoallergenic tested with no irritants like alcohol and fragrances. Test new products on a patch of skin before using them on your face.


Slightly oily after being cleansed, looks shiny and oily, breaks out often, quite large pores (especially around the T-zone)

Oily skin have a tendency to breakout, but they can be thankful for one thing- their skin will age well as its always well hydrated SmarTone online shop. To keep oily skin clear, wash the skin twice a day with a gentle cleanse, use a oil-free moisturizer and consider a shine-control product to use under make-up.


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