Wellne Group Collaborating Center

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Wellne Group Collaborating Center

  The College of Alabama at Birmingham College of Nuring producing an affect on long run nure outide the houe america by partnering along with the World  at the Univerity of WetndieCMona Campun Kington, Jamaica, to furthermprove how they train foreeeable future nure.

  UABntructor traveled to Jamaica to train nuringntructor within the Univerity of WetndieCMonan 2018 and concentrated regarding how to educate withmulation.n addition they offeredntructionn pecialized location uch a palliative and end-of-life treatment.

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  Traci White, DNp, a UAB chool of Nuring aitant profeor who traveled to Kington, tell UAB.edu, Going to UWI,n which there were contemporary face o yocould ee the adjutment of their teachingn a very matter of time, wanvigorating. The chool had been hungry to learn and receptive to what we brought toward the dek.t energized me to find out their enthuiam for finding out.

  UAB Nuring will keep ont teachingn Jamaica a a reult of on the web aet, whichnclude UAB Clinical pearl qualified growth video and virtual debriefing. Lengthntruction allow UAB to continue to createt aitance of nure faculty on the College of Wetndie, and enable the varity of Nuring accet world-wide health and fitne and utainable growth plan.

  To dicover more about how UAB Nuring building anmpact on long run nure outide america by education nure at Jamaica Univerity of WetndieCMona Campu, pay a viit to lited here.

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