almost every family had a cane chair

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 almost every family had a cane chair
When we were young, almost every family had a cane chair, which accompanied us from sunset to stars in countless cool summer days.


Nowadays, who would have thought, the traditional rattan woven with another design will be presented, become natural elegant, unique and high-level sense of where.

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Modern rattan furniture is deeply influenced by the Nordic minimalist style, abandoning the traditional complex and disorder in the design, regardless of rattan weaving or rattan in the overall use of proportion are simple to save, appropriate lines and hollow out, greatly enhancing the breathing of furniture.


Under the pressure of busy life, the natural and simplicity of rattan is more popular among the people.

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1, rattan leisure chair


White clouds are slow and life is simple. A leisure chair woven of natural rattan melts nature into a home filled with modern technology. Everything is comfortable and comfortable like the breath of morning breeze. It has a beautiful appearance.

2, rattan chair


To be able to quietly enjoy the daily life of tea and meals, is a desirable pleasure, rattan chairs especially suitable for wooden dining tables, old restored to the natural appearance, this design allows us to recall the common delicacy.


3, rattan basket


Whether it's hanging on a wall or decorating it, vines and plants are always the best partners, and the plant horns used to make a home are just as good. The temperature of the hands, together with the flowers and leaves, slows life down.


4. Cane chair.


The lounge chair was originally invented for the comfort of life. The lazy nest went in, smelled the sunshine and felt the gentle breeze. The tenderness and flexibility of the vine gave us the best sense of security and comfort.

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5, rattan lamps


Rattan lamps and lanterns are absolutely the best embodiment of the modern sense of rattan design, the designer's strokes, given the ancient natural materials such a surprising new look, with the same fashionable and unique metal moist texture, which is also its charm.


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